Alexa Pine grooms and feeds the angry good boys at the Billeaux Shelter for Dogs.  After two decades of this work, she is rigidly set in her career, which thankfully allows her to spend a lot more time around pups than chumps. However, Alexa's precious stability is threatened when the Billeaux matriarchs contemplate transforming  

their shelter into an obnoxiously profitable venture.  

Faye Marerigan has never held down a job for longer than two years: cashier, dancer, tour guide, office assistant, barista, model, nanny, realtor assistant, maid, seamstress, waitress, gardener, park ranger, and substitute teacher. Ever since she was licked by a particularly friendly werewolf at 16, her life's sole constant is transforming into a giddy lycanthrope every full moon. All of her relationships have been with jerks judgmental of her lunar condition's biological quirks, and she's officially given up on dating.   

This novel will include: nothing scary, two meet cutes, lavish descriptions of chocolate, lives adorably upended, lots of gentle foreplay, jokes about cooking, bitchiness, hot sex, weird sex, hot and weird sex, charming handsome considerate roommates, a cat and dog friendship, and werewolf parties.    



This novel will be released serially over the year 2021. I'll put out a new chapter every new and full moon, beginning January 13th. For $5, you'll get a PDF with very basic instructions on how to join the mailing list for chapter updates. And, at the year's completion, anyone on the mailing list receives a PDF file of the entire novel.