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Get caught committing resurrection and you die. That's the law Pen and Saskia laDemy have always known. In appearance, they're classy good girls. They live with their chilly parents in a luxurious apartment. They attend a prestigious pre-college. And they spend their free time like typical teens, hanging out with their best friends, the punky Beri Raiul and the anxious Robin Benne. Few would suspect them of involvement with the illegal occult.  But defying the confines of her safe, comfortable life,  Pen risks everything in pursuit of learning resurrection. Though she is unnerved by how her younger sister shares her dangerous ambition. 

The girls quickly become involved with a variety of illicit magic: goddess worship, dream decoding, and an elusive, underground society of resurrectionists. The goddesses, they learn, are unpredictable and possibly spiteful. Dreams confuse as much as they elucidate. Most worrying of all, in their home city of Mosswell the remaining resurrectionists are in danger of extermination. As threats pile up, Pen’s life is increasingly rooted with the necromantic outlaws. While the bookish Saskia finds herself excelling at pre-college, reluctantly on track for a respectable career with her newest friend, the morally

righteous Leigh Breckket. After a series of betrayals, tragedies, and grim revelations, Pen and Saskia discover their fates are not what they expected, or wanted.

Content Warning: gore, body horror, best for readers 14+ or idk maybe's pretty hardcore... 

Resurrection Circles final.jpg

cover artist Blue Delliquanti

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